Turn your surveillance Cameras into a business analyst

power-up your existing cameras to help you understand your customers

Increase your marketing yields

Measure how many people come to your store, how long they stay, and how many convert into sales.
Validate performance of your marketing strategies and sales campaigns across different time frames.

Deepen your understanding of your customers

Real time stastics on who your customers are, and how they interact with your brick and mortar stores.
Detect, and playback key highlights of customer's reactions and behaviours.

map out your customer's omnichannel experience

Compare customer behavior in-store with online customer sentiment and reviews. Uncover your highest and lowest performing inventory quickly.

the insights you need, from the cameras you already have

Compatible with new and old systems that scales as you grow

Plug-and-play into your existing camera surveillance Solution. Minimal technical expertise required to install and manage.
Our solution works across many popular video surveillance brands, which means it should work with your system today, and your upgraded system tomorrow.

business first metrics and actionable insights with minimal management

View your store's performance metrics, and profiling of your most popular customers.
Receive alerts on critical events that happen in-store.
Generate performance reports on marketing efforts
Anonymously analyzes the people in your cameras, protecting the privacy of your customers and staff.

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