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Utilize Video Analytics to Super-Charge the Retail Store Experience

Find where customers spend their time in your precious retail space

Our solutions identify unique visitors and map eyeball traffic outside, and inside your store. You can now validate the impression you leave on your customers with tangible, actionable data.

Predict product performance, before they turn into deadstock

By associating customer engagement location data with sales data, we help you predict high performing and low performing inventory. Make better stock purchasing decisions by keeping up with your audience.

Bridge the knowledge gap of your customers' omnichannel experience

Combine offline store behaviour and eCommerce behaviour to uncover your customer's preference holistically. Monitor conversion rates across different store areas, sales campaigns, and product lines.

Act on Under-Performing Products and Consumer Trends ahead of the Curve

Intelligent Video Analytics

Advanced deep learning technologies determines and quantifies customer behaviour and response. Enact data driven decisions to iterate and perfect the customer journey.

Actionable Insights

Get practical information that is directly relevant to your business. Increase traffic, improve conversion, reduce dead stock and creating stellar customer experiences.

Compatible with Existing Cameras

Our solution is plug-and-play into all cameras and surveillance solution systems. Works across different camera brands and store locations, and analog and digital cameras.

Protects Customer Privacy

Insight data from your customers are protected and anonymized before they are analyzed. Uncover customer trends without the risk of encroaching on your customer's privacy.

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