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Actionable in-store metrics using cameras you already have

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Use Video Analytics to Improve your Retail In-store Experience

Quantify your Customer's Engagement with your Brand

Identify unique visitor footfall, dwell time, and heatmapping of the entire in-store customer journey.
Discover shopper hotspots, and predict best sellers and under-performing products ahead of time.

Calculate ROI on Omnichannel Marketing spend

Quantify your omnichannel advertising effectiveness by correlating marketing spend with offline store visitors.
Validate effectiveness of marketing efforts, storefront designs, and visual merchandising strategies.

Uncover Real-time offline conversion rates

Connect store visitor data with POS data and uncover the shopper behaviour most likely to convert.
Identify friction points, and use it to create highly successful changes to your in-store experience.

Simple solutions powered by advanced deep learning technologies

Proprietary Video Analytics

Unique Visitor Counting
Store Section Dwell-time
Store-front Display Engagement
Queue Counting / Wait Time

Retail-Centric Insights

Shopper Journey Analysis
Walk-in / Sales Conversion Rates
Exit / Bounce Rates
Customer Funnel Analytics
A/B Test Store Experiences

High Compatibility

Uses Existing Cameras
No additional hardware
Works with WiFi and 3G
3rd-Party Integrations

Protects Customer Privacy

Completely Anonymized Data
No Facial Recognition Used
PDPA, GDPR Compliant

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